"The gallery started as a dream sitting on a beach with a friend, Within days after returning the dream became a reality. Starting out on the 2nd floor of an amazing space, to moving to a ground floor location. Creating opportunities for artists and future artist alike, 2nd floor gallery has been a staple in Churubusco, the community can explore the arts through camps and clubs, and instructional classes too. We have been for fortunate to help support artists create murals, be a stepping stone in their artistic journey,  and excite our youth with artistic endeavors, we pride ourselves by believing that exploration can only lead to greatness. 
I find great joy, when I am able to offer a platform for artists to see their potential. Art should not be looked down upon, rather we should look up and see only the good. "
- Candy Pease (Founder)

2nd floor's Backstory

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